Team Dino does Nitmiluk: Day #6


It was our earliest start yet to pack up and head off to Edith Falls, which is also part of Nitmiluk NP, but you have to drive out of Katherine Gorge and back through the town of Katherine to get there.  Since the campground there does not accept reservations and fills up quickly, we wanted to arrive on time to grab a spot.

It didn’t take long before the Leliyn Trail let us to the most beautiful swimming hole we had seen yet.  The upper pool of Edith Falls reminded me of a place that theme parks would draw inspiration from.  The water felt refreshing and there were rocks all around to sun bathe and picnic on.  If there was more shelter from the sun there, we could have easily stayed until the sun set.  The hike down even offered some beautiful lookouts to the falls and pools below.  I would also add this to your list of Aussie must dos.

By the way, that’s Team Dino with our blue dinosaur Cletus that I’m holding in my hand. Unfortunately I’m not bffs with Ross Geller, so I do not know what specific species he is.

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