Team Dino does Nitmiluk: Day #5


We woke up really early (with the wallabies) to make our 8am canoe hire at Katherine Gorge.  On the walk there, we saw heaps of fruit bats upside down in the trees above.  I had never seen bats hanging out in the wild before and I could not believe how much noise they can make.  Since saltwater crocodiles have been spotted in the first gorge this season, they boated us to the second gorge to commence our paddling.  The guides told us about how park rangers have croc traps set up along the banks and they can judge from their bite marks whether it’s a large (aggressive) saltwater crocodile or a small (harmless) freshwater crocodile.  Some of the beaches were even closed off for croc nesting sites and we could see their tracks fresh in the sand.

There are 13 gorges in total with rocky passages and small rapids separating each still and calm body of water.  The gorges got progressively more beautiful the further along we got.  Anna and I made a good team in our double kayak on the way up and we made it to the bottom of the fourth gorge before we had to turn around for the day.  On the way back, Team Steph and Anthony were not so in sync.  I couldn’t figure out for the life of me why Anna and I glided along so well and Anthony and I couldn’t paddle straight for anything.  It wasn’t until I saw Anna’s pictures after the fact when I figured out why she never complained about my erratic paddling strokes.  That cheeky girl had her feet propped up in the back while she was taking pictures the entire time!

As there’s not much else to do in Nitmiluk National Park, we would all highly suggest a canoe trip for as far as you can physically go.  The rest of the afternoon, we relaxed and enjoyed a poolside BBQ that evening of the most perfectly cooked kangaroo I have ever had.

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