Team Dino does Kakadu: Day #4


We took a morning hike to the top of Gunlom Falls which was by far my favorite of the trip.  At the top of a steep descent, there were a number of pools linked together with secret waterfalls and secluded water holes to be discovered.  We explored by clambering over rocks and splashing around just how three grown children would do.  It was one of the coolest things I have done in a while.  Anna and I even got to sit on the edge of Gunlom Falls and in the midst of the dry season, our white girl booties were enough to stop the flow of the waterfall.

On our drive out of Kakadu, we made a pit stop at Lazy Lizard Roadhouse for a couple of beers before continuing on to Nitmiluk National Park where Katherine Gorge is.  If the campgrounds at Gunlom Falls hadn’t been so scenic, the Nitmiluk Caravan Park would have definitely been my favorite site because there were wallabies bouncing around all over the place!  I wasn’t too keen on the signs in the bathroom warning of snakes though…

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