Team Dino does Litchfield: Day #7


On our early drive from Edith Falls to Litchfield National Park, we stopped again at the Lazy Lizard, but this time for croc jerky.  First stop: the magnetic termite mounds.  The cathedral termites build their mounds in such a way that it reminded me of tombstones in a cemetery.  And of course, there was a massive (MASSIVE) termite mound standing around 5 meters high (US readers: that’s around 16 feet).  Australia, you’re just insane.

We staked out our campsite by Florence Falls before checking out Buley Rockhole.  This place was like somewhere Florida Georgia Line would hang out and write a song about.  It was a really comfortable river scene with people chilling and listening to music.  If I lived nearby, that place would definitely be my local.  We decided to go swimming closer to home and the falls did not disappoint.  I could certainly get use to this “chasing waterfalls” pool hopping kind of thing!

After dinner, we (by “we,” I mean “Anna”) built a campfire and I taught Anna how to roast her first s’more.  Too bad the Hershey’s bar that Anthony had been lugging around this whole time had completely melted into chocolate syrup.  Now I understand why Anna said we should just make “outback s’mores…”  (It gets so blasted hot that even things in your cooler start to melt.)

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