Team Dino does Litchfield: Day #8


Litchfield NP didn’t require half as much time as we expected.  The park is very small and unlike Kakadu, the attractions are very close together and easy to access.  No wonder why this is such a local’s destination.  In hindsight, we would have made this our first stop and spent our extra last day in the majestic Kakadu.

Today we saw an (angry looking) cow on the side of the road, Tabletop Swamp, Tolmer Falls, the very commercial Wangi Falls (complete with free wifi on the lawn), the less than impressive Cascades and stopped to picnic (with our now soggy salami) by Walker Creek on our drive out.

Anthony drove us to the Litchfield Pub where we chilled out and regrouped.  We found a nearby campground in Berry Springs where we played cards and enjoyed some beers for the rest of the day.  It was my turn to make dinner: black beans and rice.  Shortly after the sunset, I started to boil the water with our one burner butane cooker.  I didn’t realize how long everything was taking until we finally got to eat an hour and a half later.  Would have been smart to check and see how much butane the empty can wasn’t producing…

Team Dino traveled so well together, none of us could believe it.  It was a great holiday and a safe holiday with zero casualties …except for Anna’s flip flops and a pair of sunglasses.  #LSDinTheOutback for the win!

Today’s picture was actually taken at a lookout in Kakadu on our way to Gunlom Falls, but it was too good not to share and seemed only appropriate for my final Team Dino blog. That’s Theodore. He’s pretty intimidating, isn’t he?!

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