The Mother has Landed!


Mom came to visit me for three weeks in August, and I was so excited to introduce her to my life here.  We spent our days in Melbourne hanging out with Anthony and my friends and eating and drinking our way through the city.  I think she was in for a little bit of a culture shock when she offered to pay for her first round of two pints with a $20 bill.  She turned to me and went, “Will that be enough?”  “Uh… I don’t think so.”  The bartender quickly picked up on her accent and said with a smile, “That’s ok.  We’ll ease you into it.”  Our two pints would have been $24 AUD which is about $18 USD, but at least tax and tip is already included here!

Mom’s personal favorite bar was 28th Apartment.  Their setup mimics a true apartment with antique televisions, a newspaper for a menu and a bathtub in the back where Mom of course jumped in for a photo op.  My friends and I loved showing her the eccentric Melbourne bar scene.  Between dinner at the winter night markets, checking out the penguins at the St. Kilda pier, taking in the birds eye view of the city 88 floors up at the Eureka Skydeck and winery hopping for the day in Yarra Valley, we left very little room for any downtime.  A group of us even got to take her to a footy (AFL or Australian Football League) game at MCG her last day in Melbs.  Here is a picture of us above Ponyfish Island, a bar situated underneath a pedestrian bridge on the Yarra River.

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