“Memorable” and “Undignified”


We enjoyed our morning swim today at the Manning River Gorge before indulging in a massive roadhouse burger (complete with lettuce, tomato, onion, cheese, pineapple, beetroot, bacon and egg) at Mount Barnett for brekky.  For our first road trip pit stop of the day, we were going to visit Galvans Gorge, but quickly changed our minds when a woman in the car park warned us of a brown snake about 50 meters ahead.  We’re still not entirely sure how far 50 meters is, but we jumped back in our car as fast as we could.  Of all the wildlife in Australia, a brown snake is definitely not one I would like to see.

Bell Gorge was hands down our favorite sight of the trip.  We hiked down the rocky cliffs to the falls where the mountain peak behind resembled a bell.  People were sunbathing and swimming in the pools below and Mom and I were in awe exploring it all.  The water was brilliant, yet very slippery and slimy.  In fact I busted my butt literally slipping into the water.  Everyone was clambering over themselves trying to get out of the pools in the most “undignified” of ways, but it was certainly the most “memorable” day of our trip.

Back at our campsite, Mom and I were enjoying our flat beers when the park ranger came by to collect our site fees and warned us of the resident 3 meter (9 foot) olive python snake.  Mom did not sleep well that night.  In fact, while I was cooking up our Mexican feast for dinner, Mom started wigging out about the critters in the tree line directly next to us.  Next thing I know she FREAKED OUT claiming to have stepped on a “snake.”  I didn’t want to get close enough to touch whatever it was and I was struggling to see with just my headlamp, but I was pretty sure that Australian snakes weren’t as thin and as boxy shaped as whatever I was looking at.  Nevertheless, Mom quickly ran up into our sleeping quarters and prematurely locked herself in there for the night.  There were no signs of Monty (the olive python) in the morning and sure enough, whatever Mom stepped on was a bent wire.

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