Kick the Dust Up


Before we left El Questro Station, Mom and I had the chance to visit Zebedee Springs for an early morning dip.  The water was warm and it looked like a place resorts would model after.  We made our way through a dense forest of palm trees that led to a series of thermal pools linked together by small rocky falls.  The mountain ranges overhead were over 1800 years old and Mom even made the comment “Imagine the dinosaurs that use to walk around up there!”  It was an untouched oasis perfect to rejuvenate us in time to continue our adventure.

It was a long but very worthwhile drive from El Questro to the Barnett River Gorge.  The rough 5km turnoff road led us to a poorly marked path leading to the water, but once we eventually found our way, the end result was like a picturesque scene from the Florida Everglades.  I was hot and ready for a swim, but Mom was leery.  After a nearby family and I tasted the water to determine that it was freshwater (meaning there would be no saltwater crocs around), we collectively agreed to jump in!  It was incredibly refreshing and a great little find.

As we set up camp by the Manning River Gorge that night, all I kept playing in my head was that Luke Bryan song “Kick the Dust Up.”  I’m pretty sure he knows nothing about this Australian red dust because it is just everywhere!

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