Team Dino does Kakadu


For a week and a half in July, my boyfriend Anthony and I went on a road trip in the Northern Territory with our good friend Anna.  We flew from Melbourne and spent a night in Darwin before picking up our Jurassic Park themed rental.  Here are some of our favorite recaps of the trip we lovingly decided to hashtag #LSDinTheOutback, not for the drug reference, but for a combination of the first letters of our last names, Lipiarski, Schroeder and Dobson.

Day #1:

Australia is probably most famous for its wildlife, and we kicked our trip off with some good spottings courtesy of the observant Anna.  On our drive from Darwin into Kakadu, we saw water buffalo on the side of the road.  We even made Anthony turn around in the middle of the road so we could park it on a bridge to gawk at the saltwater crocodile lurking in the murky water below.  I don’t like to remember that my first roo sighting was of roadkill…

We made it to Ubirr Rock just in time for the sunset.  This is a must do.  The top offers stunning 360 degree views of the most peaceful, vast landscape you could imagine.  Behind us, shallow hills of soft rocky terrain and before us, lush open green fields where the animals can roam freely.  It was like something out of the Lion King.

Appropriately enough, on our drive to the campground, DJ Anna played us “The Lion King” soundtrack.  I was so shocked and impressed that my new found Melbourne friend knew every word to “I just can’t wait to be king.”  And I mean every single word.  She was so enthusiastic about her song that when Anthony rolled down his window to pay the park ranger for our campsite, the ranger quickly popped his head in the car and said, “Two adults and one child?”  He was absolutely serious.  Sweet 35 year old Anna was just singing her little heart out in the backseat and I instantly knew that this trip was going to be too much fun!  That evening after we set up camp and made dinner, we fell asleep to the sound of dingoes off in the distance.

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