Team Dino does Kakadu: Day #2


The lookout at Nourlangie was another stunner. (Hence the picture of the day.) It was great exploring with two Aussie natives because Anthony was good about reminding me not to get too close to the rocks (because of snakes) and Anna taught me to run in a zig zag if we happen to see a croc near a billabong.

We were really looking forward to Jim Jim Falls for today’s field trip. Unfortunately, our rental company gave us bad advice and we were unable to make it there. Wicked Campers told us that our AWD Subaru Outback would be able to get us down the unsealed 4WD road to Jim Jim Falls, but because our vehicle had such a low clearance to the ground, two park rangers turned us away before we could get stuck. In short, Wicked Campers has heard more than one complaint from me and I would passionately advise against anyone using them. There are far more reputable companies to use.

Fortunately, Team Dino kept a good attitude about our plan b and we headed to Yellow Water. There we saw water buffalo and I was the closest I had ever been to a hopping roo and a lurking croc. (Don’t worry Dad, we were safely on the guarded footpath.) This was also a really special place to watch the sunset and for the wildlife alone, I found this backup plan to be a winner!

Later that night, a possum kept throwing leaves and half eaten berries down on our campsite from where it was sitting in the tree above us. It was like it was deliberately picking on Anthony while he was trying to eat dinner which I found absolutely hysterical. We could also hear water buffalo far away that almost sounded like a distorted “moo.”

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