I Now Know How a Hamster Feels…

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Bookme.co.nz offers loads of excursions and activities at massive discounts. I highly recommend it. Emily and I booked a half priced thrill with Ogo, and took off to go zorbing in the crisp autumn morning. When we pulled up, we found ourselves hillside with sheep nearby. It appeared to be a pretty lame incline, but I can tell you from experience that it is far more fun than it looks.

We stripped down to our bathing suits in the brisk breeze, and jumped in the van for the short ascent up. Dude man filled our sphere with warm water, and we superman dove in head first. Emily plunged in on top of me, and we got trapped in this massive plastic bouncy ball together. Said dude man pushed us down the hill, and everything instantly turned into a blur. We scrambled to every which corner of our cage, pummeling each other with feet and elbows, and I think at one point Emily was proper sitting on my lap. As we rolled further down, it was a bit terrifying to have zero gage of where we were or how much of the 250 meter track we had left to endure.

That minute and a half rolling down felt like ages with the utter amount of chaos that was going on between the two of us. Absolute fits of laughter split our sides from neither of us having any idea where we would slip and slide to next. Forget trying to stand up and run around, I straight tumbled around on my bum. We eventually poured out, and a bit exhausted, so we warmed up in the hot tub to decompress. Who knew that rolling down a small hill in a giant ball would be so amusing?! Definitely go with a friend. Getting kicked in the face is part of the fun.

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