Forbidden Fruit

Monday, January 6, 2014

There are so many drives in the South Island that I have thoroughly enjoyed, and I can now add the Marlborough Sounds to the list. I traversed off Highway 6 near Rai Valley, and it didn’t take long before I felt like I had been shipped to paradise. It took about two hours to arrive at the beaches of the French Pass past Okiwi Bay and Elaine Bay and well worth the winding drive. I have yet to visit Fiji, but I imagine it would resemble something like this. The Marlborough Sounds formed when the sea flooded after the last ice age, so the sounds look nothing like they do back home. I felt like I had truly reached an oasis full of Caribbean-like waters and lush tropical green peaks. There are copious amounts of inlets to explore, and I can’t wait to visit more when I get the chance.

I struck gold again and found another beyond lovely hostel for the night. Surrounded by orchards in a secluded area just outside “downtown” Motueka, Eden’s Edge Backpackers couldn’t have offered up a more picturesque backdrop. I was happy to have found it, and even more excited to run into a friend Emily and I had met about a month ago in Wanaka. What are the odds that English Rob and I would be roommates for the night? We caught up and exchanged travel stories with a few other hostel goers over chocolate and red wine; a completely peaceful way to wrap up my beautiful day.


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