Bye, Bye Beachie

Wednesday, January 8, 2014

No matter how much I am consistently blown away by the natural beauty of New Zealand, it never ceases to amaze my how stunning the landscape is here. Farewell Spit is the northwestern most corner of the South Island and is so secluded and desolate that it makes you feel as if you are at the edge of the world. I took the short walk through hills of free roaming sheep and spent the afternoon at Wharariki Beach. That beach is probably the single most interesting beach I have ever visited. The sand was pure and soft, there were seals playing in nearby pools, caves to explore and grand rock arches in the ocean. I need to schedule in more time there in my future travels for sure.

On my way back to Takaka where I was staying for the night, I stopped by Te Waikoropupu, or Pupu Springs, said to be the purest and clearest water in the world. Kind of ironic how the name resembles nothing of what it actually looks like.


1 thought on “Bye, Bye Beachie

  1. Yesssss!!! You went to the springs!! So glad! Did ya drink it? Sooo good!!

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