Put on your Yamaka, it’s time for Wanaka!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

After a very eventful week, Emily and I were looking forward to a retreat in Wanaka. The town mimics a quiet version of Queenstown, which made for a very relaxing few days. Our stay at Wanaka Backpaka was fantastic, and even though we had to fight a hill with our increasingly growing backpacks to reach our oasis, I am convinced that the view from our common room is the best in town. Do you not agree, Waldo? It was the exact inspiration I needed to update my writings. If you are looking for a peaceful getaway, I would definitely suggest staying here.

The weather during our entire stay was flawless without a cloud in the sky. I actually got a touch crispy after hiking to the top of Mount Iron, the highest summit in the immediate Wanaka area. Between unwinding by the lake, preparing more dinner “specials,” and indulging in the region’s finest beverages, Wanaka was a great place to recharge our batteries before venturing up the West Coast this upcoming week.

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