Yellow-eyed and Bushy Tailed

Saturday, November 30, 2013

We woke up really early and walked to the beach where the yellow-eyed penguins were getting ready to start their day. I was pretty excited to sit and observe their morning routine because we did not get a chance to see them on the beaches in Omaru. The pint sized birds waddled along the sand and dove in the arctic water before the sun fully rose.

The southern scenic route to Dunedin passed through Kaka Point and many other quaint coastal villages. Just south of town, we went to Tunnel Beach and hiked down the cliffs to a unique beach carved by ruggedly shaped rocks. The water was rough and cold, but it was a great way to spend our final destination on our exciting road trip.

Before returning Dee to her home back in Dunedin, we stopped for petrol at a gas station called Z (pronounced “zed”) and indulged the most fabulous pies we have had since arriving in New Zealand. I was surprised at how delicious a gas station could make a Thai chicken curry pie. We had a quick pint at Craft Bar before catching our bus to Cromwell, and said goodbye to Dunedin for now.

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