Vamos to El Questro


If you’ve ever met me, you know very well that I am not a morning person.  The only thing that motivated me to actually get up with my 6am alarm was the chance to hopefully spot some wildlife.  On some days I would actually just pop up and go to Mom “What’s out this morning?!”  During our trip, we got to wake up to a white peacock, a peacock that showed us his feathers (a very exciting first for me) and a real live joey in his mum’s pouch which was an even more exciting fist for me!

On our drive from Mount Elizabeth to El Questro, we made a pit stop at Ellenbrae Station where we learned that a “dunny” is the Outback equivalent of outhouse.  The scenery was again ever changing and this was easily the most incredible drive either of us had ever done before.  Everything was raw, just as the land was intended.  Just outside Home Valley, we found the most stunning picnic spot overlooking the rugged ranges that wind around to El Questro Station.  To use a term that my good friend Kelly coined, this was definitely a spot where we had the “brain bubbles.”  Today’s picture from this location doesn’t even come close to doing it justice.

We had to cross the Pentecost River twice before we reached the entrance of El Questro station.  Since there are often no meter markers in the river, you can never really tell how deep the water actually is or what kind of terrain you might be driving on, but Mom did so well!  The drive into the station was beautiful.  With over one million acres of untouched land, El Questro is a true wilderness park and the biggest playground for any outdoorsmen.  We only had the chance to spend two days there, but could have easily stayed for a week.  And when we come back next time, we will be recruiting experienced 4WDers to join us!  Applications are currently being accepted.

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