Underground Adventures

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Markus and I carried on up to Northland, and found ourselves at the Abbey Caves this afternoon. After an unexpected hail storm, this was the perfect rainy day adventure. Like a total amateur, I stuck with wearing my jeans while I laced up my hiking boots for whatever I had no idea what to expect. It was a great Kiwi farm land type walk to commence our adventure at the first cave we arrived at, the Organ Cave.

There were rocks everywhere as we clambered over the boulders and descended into the Earth. We followed a stream of water further and further away from the light of day, both trudging through ankle deep water that was warmer than I expected it to be. When we stopped to turn off our head lamps and admire the glow worms lining the ceiling, it was spectacular, almost like our own personal planetarium. This was infinitely better than any tour we could have gone on. Independent exploring to create our own adventure was definitely the way to experience a NZ glow worm cave.

12- Abbey Caves

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