Parliament Picnic

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

The six of us spent the sunny afternoon picnicking in the Parliament gardens with homemade sandwiches as big as our face. I am a huge picnic fan to begin with, but there is just some allure about picnicking in a foreign city. For some reason, it seems far more exotic to me. We played card games on our oversized blanket and chit chatted the day away. After we happy hour-ed, we headed back to the hostel for another community dinner, and tonight our fellow Parisian fixed us crepes! How often does a guy from Paris cook you an authentic French dish? While we chowed down on ham and cheese crepes with banana and nutella crepes for dessert, we enjoyed a few beers and played more than one absurd round of charades. During our battle of the sexes, my favorite scene had to have been when Simba almost immediately guessed that Vince and Andrew were flirting. It was a great group of friends to spend a few chill days with, and I look forward to hopefully seeing them all again in the future!

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