“Hey mate, can I borrow your roll on?”

Friday, April 11, 2014

Yeah, right. Tui beer has some witty advertising, just like their billboards that say “I came [on the brewery tour] to see how beer is made. Yeah, right.” We did learn a couple interesting facts about the brewery though when we visited the Tui HQ just outside Palmerston North. Like how when the building was first constructed, they forgot to install any stairs, which provoked the slogan, “we’re brewers, not architects.” Or how completely unappetizing hops is. Our guide offered us a piece of hops each, and said if you can chew and swallow a piece, I’ll give you a free beer. It looked like a pellet of horse food, but we all gave it a taste test anyway. How bad could it be? And if it is that bad, at least I’ll have something free and tasty to wash it down with. I think the best way to describe the taste would be like chewing a solid capsule of rotten cabbage with the consistency of tree bark, and every time you went to swallow, a bitter dry sensation would very unpleasantly fill your mouth. It was pretty awful, but I would do it again for another free pint. Because as my dad taught me, free is the best price!

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