If everyone else jumps off a bridge…

Saturday, March 15, 2014

The first ever bungy jump originated in Queenstown, New Zealand, the adrenaline capital of the world. The Kawaru Bridge stands 47 meters over the turquoise waters of the Kawaru River in a stunningly beautiful location. I had only jumped once before in Cairns, Australia in 2008, and I remember having to climb up hundreds of stairs to the top of the bridge, heightening my anxiety with every step. It was so relieving to walk out of the sign in station and already be even elevation with the brink.

In trying to remember the events of my experience, it all happened so fast. Mom, the seasoned professional jumped first. Emily, the bungy virgin, disappeared second, leaving me at the top of this bridge all on my own to go last. Walking, or more like inching to the plank with your feet bound together is the worst part. You feel so vulnerable and exposed. Feeling the weight of the cord vanishing below isn’t exactly a settling feeling either. Once I jumped, my little arms went furiously flailing about, and before I realized it, the water below was quickly approaching. Splash! I didn’t just touch the water, I proper went in. My hair, shoulders and the better park of my shirt were soaked. As I popped back up for a mini reverse freefall, all I could think about was the water in my nose. Water. In my nose. On a bungy! I bobbled violently up, and plunged back down while all the while I could hear Emily on the observation platform hysterically laughing at me.

But the adrenaline rush wasn’t the best part. While we were enjoying our victory beers, I turned around to a very unsuspecting sight: a bachelor wearing a lime green “man-kini” and a glittery red Tina Turner wig. A group of guys from Wanaka were partying for said dude man’s bachelor party or “stag do.” Leave it to Queenstown. Never a dull moment!

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