Driving Slow on Sunday Morning

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Hello, there! Sorry for the severe delay in my updates. Mom and I had a wonderful visit, and we were far too busy for me to make time to blog. This is quite a time consuming process, so thank you so much for following along. It means a lot! Allow me to share a few of my favorite abbreviated stories. I shall start from the beginning. I had been eagerly awaiting the arrival of my mummy, and she was finally here!

We spent our Sunday afternoon wandering around the stunning Otago Peninsula just outside Dunedin. And by wandering around, I mean driving around. On the left hand side of the road. I didn’t expect Mom to offer to drive so soon upon her arrival, but only after one full day in New Zealand, she felt confident enough to take the wheel. I now know what it’s like to teach a 16 year old how to drive. Parents, I am so sorry we have to put you through such terror. Staying in the middle of the lane and not running over the edge of the road (with no shoulder) was one thing, but signaling correctly was a completely different issue. Did I mention that in some rental cars here, the windshield flipper and the blinkers are reversed, too? The wipers would pop up every time she wanted to turn left, and it would get sprayed with fluid every time she attempted to turn right. I was in hysterics. Obviously it was funny, but secretly, I did the exact same thing.

Picture of the day: “What are all those little white dots?” “Mom, those are sheep.” There are nearly 4 sheep to every 1 New Zealander.

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