Sunscreen in the rainforest?

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

The British Emily Badham seems to be a popular character amongst my readers back home (meaning everyone seems to always ask about her), so I am happy to share with you that we had the beautiful opportunity to reunite for a few days and catch up with our friends in Franz Josef. Emily and I hadn’t seen each other since the day after New Year’s. I was looking forward to a few days of familiarity, and the trip started out right when a bus driving friend of mine picked me up in Nelson, good ole Glenn who nicknamed me “Lumpy” the time Emily “One Eye” and I left Franz Josef for Greymouth months ago.

Our time together consisted of two sunny days in the rainforest, a very unusual forecast, so we spent our time wisely and socialized outside over one or two Speight’s. We got to hang out with some of our friends we met back in December, chill at one of our favorite hostels, The Glowworm Cottages, and it felt nice to be in a comfortable environment if only for a short while.

Unfortunately for Emily, she neglected to pack her swimming costume when I suggested we jump in the hot tub. One of the guys let her into the lost and found in the hopes that she could work out a new temporary outfit, and instead, this is what she turned up with. And yes, she is wearing seven different ties. But the better question is: what kind of backpacker travels with clothes that nice in the first place?

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