Magic Kind of Medicine

Magic Kind of Medicine

Thursday, February 13, 2014

The popularity of the track and the wonderful summertime weather reflected in the mass amounts of crowds I crossed. And let me be clear, when I say “crowds” in New Zealand, I really just mean that I get annoyed when more than three other people find the same isolated gem as I did. It is that remote down here. The park’s newest and biggest hut in Anchorage only sleeps 34 people. Putting things into perspective, that is not crowded at all. Like not even a little bit.

Nevertheless, I sought after a bit more tranquility, and followed a fellow tramper’s recommendation to hike to a nearby lookout and watch the sunrise. And can you believe I actually got up at 5:30am to do so? I am still very proud of myself, and it was completely worth it. The colors reflecting the bay and the mountains were indescribable. I can allllmost better understand morning people now. The reason they wake up so early is so they can have this peaceful scene all to themselves. It was a refreshing way to start my day before sitting on the beach to watch the rest of the morning pass and eventually making the four hour journey back to Marahau.

Check out my updated pictures here!

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