Heaphy Pack Tracking

We’re leaving for the Heaphy Track tomorrow morning! My first Great Walk in New Zealand! Woo hoo! I’m getting really excited! I don’t exactly know what to expect, but I suppose I won’t be wondering for much longer. I’m not so much worried about the physical aspects: the fact that my first proper tramping experience will be the longest of the nine Great Walks, the fact that we will be completing it in the shortest amount of time, or the fact that our first day will be a 5 hour climb exclusively uphill while carrying all of our essentials on our backs. But instead, my biggest fear is running out of food. We will be completely isolated from civilization for four days and three nights, and will have to be self-sufficient with our cooking. While the huts we will be camping in will have gas burners, we have to be prepared for anything.

My 29 year old Belgium roommate, Katharina, and I carefully planned our menu which will consist of the following: oatmeal with peanut butter pita bread for breakfast, salami and cheese sandwiches for lunch, and spaghetti for dinner. Tramping with any kind of pasta sauce can get heavy and bulky, so just to be creative, we packed instant tomato soup for extra flavor. Instant soup. Instant soup that comes from a powder. That’s our substitute for a proper tomato sauce. I really hope my Italian grandmother doesn’t find this completely sacrilegious. In theory it sounds like it might work, but personally I think this is going to be our biggest disaster. I am already a little bit worried for dinner time….

Our 18 year old German friend, Cornelius, probably thought that our adventure was going to be too funny not to miss, so he decided at the last minute to join us. I think he made a very wise decision. I am curious to see what he will pack for food though. He has been solely living off of rice and the native kamo kamo, which is essentially a zucchini on steroids. And by steroids, I literally mean it. A kamo kamo is about the size of an elongated pumpkin. If he is sensible about this, he could just pack one kamo kamo and would be set for all twelve meals, and still have some leftover for snack time.

Regardless, we are all super pumped for our journey! Don’t worry about us though. We will be totally safe. And if all else fails, Katharina is a doctor. What could go wrong?

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