Domestic Day

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

I consider Nelson a very livable city, so this is the perfect place to get errand-type things done before I leave for Motueka on Friday to work for accommodation at Eden’s Edge. And by errand-type things, I really just mean shopping. I haven’t gone shopping once since I’ve been here, and it was so great to try on pretty new clothes to remind myself that I can still look like a girl. (If you can’t tell from my pictures, I have literally been wearing the same four outfits since I left home.) I think the Kiwis have a cute sense of style, and as if my accent doesn’t give it away, my backpacker fashion definitely proves that I am not a local.

People here tend to talk about the cinema quite a bit, so I decided to see what all the fuss was about. I arrived about a half hour before the Hunger Games 2 was scheduled to start, which I thought was plenty of time to get my ticket and some popcorn (especially since the movie has been out for ages now), and to my horror the theatre was completely and utterly packed! The girls behind me assumed it was because kids were on summer holiday and it was discounted ticket night, but whatever the reason, my movie sold out before I could get a ticket. The gentleman behind the ticket counter kindly suggested I see Wolf on Wall Street instead as he had one last seat available, so I took it.

I couldn’t believe that something so simple as going to the movies would feel like such a foreign experience. The cinemas normally only have two showings per day per movie, and they have assigned seating here. I could venture to guess that there wasn’t an empty seat in the any of their theatres. There were no signs or advertisements asking the audience to silence their cell phones, and people actually sat still and behaved like they should throughout the entire film. It was quite pleasant to say the least. As far as the movie itself, Leo was excellent. The film was extremely American, and it made me feel a little nostalgic because I have no doubt out of everyone in the theatre, I could relate to every portrayal more than anyone else.

For the picture of the day, I decided to post one of Tahunanui Beach from when Victoria, Megan and I were there the other day.

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