Super Sunday

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Since I’ve been saving the original bungee jump for when Mom comes to visit me in March, I treated myself to a Christmas Shotover Canyon Swing jump for the time being.  The weather was beautiful all day long until we all hopped in the car to drive to the jump site.  It clouded over and started spitting rain, and I seriously think it was a sign of disapproval from Grandma ET upstairs.

The lookout into the canyon below was spectacular with the clear blue waters below and lush green mountains surrounding us.  After they strapped me in, it was pretty hard to see the fathoms below, so I think that helped with my nerves.  For my first descent, I chose to go down on a slide.  I told the guides that I am quite the nervous pee-er (I successfully retained all of my bodily fluids), said goodbye to my friend Laura who came to watch and shimmied my way down the slide.  I felt like I should have been holding my nose just like I was on a huge water slide.  My little legs went flailing about and I free fell for 60 meters at 150km/hr similar to a bungee jump, but was caught and sat like you would in a huge suspended swing.

The views at the bottom were infinitely better.  As I dangled above the canyon water, there were river rafters floating past and I waved and exchanged a few hellos.  I soaked in as much of the surrounding scenery as I could before I was pulled back up to the top.  It was obviously extremely exhilarating.  The sun came out in time to shine down and transform the background into even more radiant colors and I jumped a second time.  But this time to make it extra scary, I went backwards.  The adrenaline rush was far more intense.  I think I’m hooked!

Swing 03 - Multi

Swing 08 - Small Multi

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