It Rains, We Pour

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

I set off on a couple of hikes in the Franz Josef village this afternoon, the Callery Gorge Walk and Tatare Tunnels Walk, two trails that took me through the rainforest. The Callery Gorge Walk led me past interesting sights to a closed suspension bridge above the roaring glacier waters below. My former Queenstown roommate e-mailed me and suggested that I hike the Tatare Tunnels Walk which was equally exciting. The 400 meter tunnel held cold standing water so I did not go inside to explore, but I can imagine it would be a fun adventure. Maybe I will venture in next time when I am better equipped with the right shoes and lighting.

Emily and I spent the rest of the damp afternoon doing laundry and happy hour bar hopping. We had a great last night with our new local friend Ben and his roommates. I quite enjoyed the Monsoon Bar whose slogan is “it rains, we pour.” Nothing could be more fitting. Cheers!

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