Friends in Franz

Monday, December 9, 2013

Our new local friend, Ben, took us out for a Kiwi tour of the area today. We drove a little bit north to Okarito, down some long country-esque roads in the rainforest. The skies turned blue and we found ourselves at a lagoon just inland of the Tasman Sea. We tailgated with Sauvignon Blanc, feta cheese and crackers, and my first taste of pâté. I could pass on the latter from now on. Especially after learning that it is smooshed up goose liver. We then continued on to a nearby black sand beach where Emily was more than fascinated by the sea foam. The water was pretty choppy, so it wasn’t ideal beach weather, but it wasn’t raining so I was happy.

We came back to the Glow Worm Cottages just as it started to pour again, and Ben schooled us on sushi-making. It was actually far less complex than I assumed it would be. We used a variety of teriyaki chicken, tuna, shrimp, cucumber, yellow and red pepper, carrot and avocado to craft our dinner. For two girls who know nothing about cooking, Emily and I were pretty impressed with ourselves. With a little more practice, I think that might be something I could do on my own. Maybe not in the most gourmet way, but at least it’s another thing checked off my bucket list. By the way, that is white wine in those beer mugs. We know how to keep it proper classy.

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