The Kiwi Jamestown

Thursday, November 21, 2013

The drive from Gore to Dunedin was full of beautiful green rolling hills and pastures full or fluffy, playful sheep. I was hopeful that this town would be infinitely better than the last. Dunedin is a much larger city than I expected. Considering that here is the first documented settlement of the Marori (the local indigenous community), I had pictured a town much smaller and similar to that of Jamestown. There is a lot of culture here and many buildings of the European influence. I took today’s rainy morning to spend time at the Otago Settler’s Museum and learn about the city’s history. It was interesting to contrast the immigration from Europe to New Zealand to that of the settlement in American history, but what I thought was most mind boggling was the thought of how long it took the British to travel here. The migration from England to New Zealand was the longest travel in the history of the world. And we thought it was a brutal boat ride just hopping over the “pond” from Europe!

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