Sweetest Goodbye

Sunday, February 16, 2014

As excited as I was to move on from country living, I was actually pretty sad to be leaving Liz and Chris. We had almost become like a little family. I can honestly tell you that packing was more of a challenge than it needed to be. My belongings seemed to have expanded all over our room, and whatever I had in my backpack needed to immediately be put on birth control because I felt like it was just multiplying. It took me over two hours to get everything sorted. I had to make a dividing decision between what I needed to take on the Queen Charlotte, and what I could pack separately to leave in Picton while we were hiking. I was finally ready to leave around 5pm, and after we said our goodbyes, it felt as if Mom and Dad were sending the little ones off to college in the Great Big World. Queen Charlotte Track, here we come!


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